Water boils at 0°C: Nature's magic

     I say the word ‘Water’, it sounds very familiar and normal to us. So what’s new about water? Nothing is new. We use water for drinking, cooking, bathing, washing, etc. But what I am trying to say is ‘The point of view’ at which we look and observe our surrounding things. For example, is this possible, water can boil at 0°C ? If yes, then how?

     Water is made up of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom that is  ‘H2O’ called one molecule of water. There are billions-trillions of such water molecules present in our one glass of water.

      Almost all the substances present on earth exist in their three forms that is solid, liquid & gaseous state because of different temperatures. Water also exists in solid (ice) at 0°C, liquid (water) at about 25°C and gaseous state (vapour or steam) at 100°C.

    It means water boils at 100°C temperature and is converted into gas (steam) at this temperature. But science says water can boil at 0°C or even less than 0°C temperature. But at 0°C, water becomes ice. It is basic general knowledge. Then how it is possible. It is a magic, magic of nature.

     If you are interested in nature’s magic, first you have to understand what makes the water boil. So, let’s open the door of nature to science.

   Do you know how much pressure is in our surroundings in which we human beings or other animals survive? It is 1 atmosphere or 100 kPa. Yes, we breathe easily, we live easily at this surrounding pressure. Almost all nature’s work is done under this pressure.

      Now when we heat the water then slowly water vapour comes out. The pressure on water vapour increases continuously while heating. After some time, pressure on water vapour reaches the point at which it becomes equal to the pressure of the surrounding that is 1 atm and water begins to boil. To reach the surrounding atmospheric pressure of 1 atm, water requires heat upto 100°C.

     So, we observe water boils at 100°C. It means if we create a setup such that we decrease the surrounding pressure, then water requires less heat to reach the point at which pressure on vapour becomes equal to the surrounding pressure and water begins to boil.

     Now knowing the above fact, it’s 100% possible that water can boil at 0°© by decreasing the surrounding pressure until it begins to boil.

     Really! by knowing nature’s rules, we can do anything which is beyond our imagination. Yes, we can do magic.



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