Sensational disclosure of BJP spokesperson Ram Kadam: Raj Kundra did 3000 crore scam

Ram Kadam, one of the big leaders of BJP in Maharashtra and MLA from Ghatkopar West in Mumbai, made several revelations by holding a press conference today. He accused Raj Kundra of doing a scam of 2500 to 3000 crores. Ram Kadam has also accused the Maharashtra government of giving protection to big criminals like Raj Kundra.

It is to be known that BJP leader and spokesperson Ram Kadam had given this information by tweeting on the morning of July 30 that he would organize a press conference at his Khar residence from 11 am, in which he would talk about Raj Kundra in a big way. Will make disclosures, that too through the documents of the victims. In the press conference held at his stated time, Ram Kadam made many claims and allegations about Raj Kundra and the Maharashtra government. 

In the press conference Ram Kadam said, “Raj Kundra duped people by using the face of his wife Shilpa Shetty on the online cricket betting app ‘COD’. The money collected through the app is around Rs 2500-3000 crores. Raj Kundra’s company Viaan Industries has scammed people of 2500-3000 crores, this is a very big scam.

Ram Kadam further said that this money has been collected not only from Maharashtra but from all over the country, from innocent and poor persons during the Corona pandemic. It was also claimed on the app that it is a special app, which is approved by the government.

Responding to the COD app claim, Ram Kadam said, “The Indian government allows everyone to make an app and sell their product, but they cannot scam people.”

Further, he also took the Maharashtra government in the dock and said that Raj Kundra is being protected for the people with vested power. Ram Kadam accused the Maharashtra government of patronizing and protecting crooks like Raj Kundra, who are involved in money scams, porn cases and online betting scams. 

It is to be known that Raj Kundra, husband of Shilpa Shetty, arrested for production and distribution of obscene material by Mumbai Crime Branch, is currently in judicial custody for 14 days, where Raj Kundra and his associates are being interrogated in various cases.

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