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Pavani Reddy’s Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Journey Updates

Pavani (born 09th November 2021) has also inscribed her name as a contestant in the reality show Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5.

Pavani is an Indian (mainly Tamil & Telugu) film, TV actress and a model. She is famous among the Tamil audience as ‘Nila’ from the television show Rettai Vaal Kuruviand Chinna Thambi (2017).

In 2012, she made her acting debut in Telugu movie, Dream. Her other Telugu movies are Double Trouble & Lajja. In 2014, Pavani started her Telugu Television debut in Agnipoolu, along with serials Nemeu Aayana Aruguru Athalalu & Naa Peru Meenakshi, in 2020, she also appeared in Srimathi.

Pavani started her journey of entering in the Tamil Film Industry in 2015 with the movie Vajram. Later, she also did movies like Ini Avanea (2016), ‘465’ along with Motta Shiv Ketta Shiva in 2017 & July Kaatril (2019). While at the same time, she appeared in Tamil TV shows including Rettai Vaal Kuruvi, Paramalar, EMI – Thavanai Murai Vazhkai, Chinna Thambi, Rasaathi & Anbe Sivam.

She is also seen in Bollywood movie Login and Malayalam TV serials.

Pavani got married on 14th February 2017, with Telugu actor, Pradeep Kumar. On 17th May 2017, Pradeep committed suicide. After her husband’s demise, Pavani suffered from illness for a long time.

As we know, The Bigg Boss Tamil 5 is being hosted by actor-politician, Kamal Haasan, who emerged as a successful host since last 4 years for the show. As we know, The Bigg Boss Tamil 5 is being hosted by actor-politician, Kamal Haasan, who emerged as a successful host since last 4 years for the show.

Let’s summarize Pavani Reddy’s Bigg Boss Journey till date

1st Week

Pavani Reddy, one of the contestants of Bigg Boss Tamil 5 has entered the house on 3rd October 2021. In the first week, all the members are divided into cooking team, housekeeping team, vessel washing team and washroom cleaning team. Pavani along with Chinna Ponnu, Namitha Marimuthu & Raju Jeyamohan, became the captains of their respective team in the house. Pavani, along with all the housemates were nominated for the first week elimination, but the good thing is, there was no elimination process for the 1st week. She is safe from the second week elimination.

Pavani revealed her emotional relations through the Oru Kadhai Sollattuma task, in which all the contestants had to share their life journey. She spoke about her husband, Pradeep Kumar’s suicide, her depression after Pradeep’s demise and also about her another heartbreak.

Overall, her life journey and failed marriages, Pavani now realized that she is not made for marriage, speaking about it, she shared, “Actually, I feel that I am not destined to have a married life. I fear a lot about living alone in this world. It seems, I am destined to stay alone. Due to this, I was getting into depression again. During this juncture, I got the chance to be part of Bigg Boss and that’s how I am part of the show now.”

2nd Week

Pavani was not nominated for the 2nd week elimination process as she was safe.

In the second week, Pavani was seen discussing with Isaivani in the presence of Iykki Berry about emergence of groupism in the house. She pointed out that there are many groups where the topics she discussed was being ignored or diverted to something else. She also always felt being left alone in the Bigg Boss house which was agreed by Isaivani and Iykki Berry too.

On the day of the Vijayadashami festival, 15th October 2021, as instructed by the Bigg Boss, Pavani Reddy, along with Abhishek Raaja and Akshara Reddy teamed up and conducted an opinion poll in which they had to discuss with all the housemates and gather the opinions on which contestant entertains the audience most and who entertains the least.

3rd Week

Pavani has successfully entered in the 3rd week, but even got nominated for this week’s elimination process.

Bigg Boss announced the name of Pavani, along with Raju Jeyamohana, Ciby and Isaivani for the participation in the captaincy task since they were present in the activity area on time during the Oru Kadhai Sollattuma task. Imman Annachi was also the part of the captaincy task since he was selected as the most entertaining contestant, during a task in the last week.

According to the captaincy task, each contender had to stand on the platform and were told to avoid reacting to the co-contestants, who were putting on skits and jokes, so that the participating contenders of the captaincy task can be disturbed. Later, Bigg Boss announced, the housemates can garland their favorite contender. The contender who stood longest without changing their reaction with having maximum garlands wins the task.

Pavani loosed the captaincy task and Ciby became the new captain of the 3rd week.

Later, Pavani was seen with Raju Jeyamohan, who tried to sort out differences with her.

In ‘Pancha Thanthiram’ task, Bigg Boss house was transformed into a museum. There were five powerful coins hidden in the Bigg Boss house at five different locations. If one of the housemates found one of the coins secretly and showed it to the camera, then he/she owned it. If one of the nominated contestants found the coin then he/she was able to earn immunity, or use it to save others as well.

While picking the coins, if other contestants noticed it, then the contestant who picked the coin had to go to the jail and the coin had to be kept at the same place where it was originally found.

During this task, Pavani complained that Abhinay had lied to her twice. This turned out to be a heated argument between them.

After the end of one part of the Pancha Thanthiram task, five contestants showed the five coins picked by them. The five coins symbolized air, space, water, fire and earth.

Pavani, along with other four contestants, who also got the coins at the end, showed their respective coins to other contestants as per the Bigg Boss instruction. Depending upon the type of coin, Pavani and the other 4 contestants acquired the ownership of different areas in the house.

However, Pavani Reddy became safe from the 3rd week elimination process revealed on weekend 24th October 2021, by the host of the show Kamal Haasan.

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