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Niroop Nandakumar’s Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Journey Updates

Niroop Nandakumar, (born 6th August 1993) a Bigg Boss Tamil 5 contestant, is an Indian model. He was born in Andhra Pradesh, India and then shifted to Chennai, India. He wants to pursue his career in acting and he has recently finished his acting course training at Mindscreen Film Institute. He is also known for his relationship between him and Yashika Anand, who is also an actress in the Tamil Film Industry.

As we know, The Bigg Boss Tamil 5 is being hosted by actor-politician, Kamal Haasan, who emerged as a successful host since last 4 years for the show.

Let’s summarize Niroop Nandakumar’s Bigg Boss Journey till date

1st Week

Niroop Nandakumar has entered the house on grand premier day, 3rd October 2021. In the 1st week, Bigg Boss had announced any five members to come forward and take control as a captain in the house over the household chores. Niroop came forward too, but he lost the captaincy position. Raju, Chinna Ponnu, Namitha and Pavani became the captains and took over different responsibilities including bathroom, cleaning, cookin, vessel washing and housekeeping. Niroop became the member of the vessel washing team which was headed by Namitha Marimuthu.

During weekend episode, Saturday, 9th October 2021, host of the show, Kamal Haasan appreciated Niroop for his efforts to continue workout with the heavy weight equipment available in the house in the absence of gym. On Sunday, 10th October 2021, when Kamal asked the vessel washing team to share their feedback, Niroop appreciated the good work done by his team.

Niroop, along with all the housemates were nominated for the 1st week elimination process, but the good thing was that there was no elimination process for the first week.

However, for the second week elimination process, Niroop was also nominated along with other housemates.

2nd Week

Niroop Nandakumar was nominated for the second week elimination along with the other housemates. Niroop was seen teaching English lessons along with Priyanka and others to Imman Annachi. In the 2nd week captaincy task, all the contestants had a balloon on their back, whenever the alarm sounded, they had to pick the needle and burst the balloons of other contestants, the final contestant with the balloon would become the captain of the house. After losing the captaincy task, Abhinay Vaddi along with Varun tried to make sure that Niroop fails too. This unusual tactic turned into a heated discussion between Abhinay, Varun and Niroop.

During Oru Kadhai Sollattuma task, each and every contestant had to share their life journey, to which other contestants had to response to their story through emojis such as like, dislike, heart, etc. Niroop also shared his story as the part of the task. Niroop talked about his mother, who is struggling from a sickness. He said that, he was very upset when his mother was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. He also talked about the support from his ex-girlfriend, Yashika Anand. He did not know anyone from the entertainment industry but Yashika helped him to build a place in the industry.

Niroop told, “I don’t have any qualms about admitting that I took her help. In fact, I am proud to say that I grew because of her. We see many women growing with the help of men, what’s wrong if a man grows with the help of his lady?”.

Later, Niroop was seen in a funny conversation with Priyanka Deshpande and Akshara Reddy. During weekend episode, on Saturday, 16th October 2021, host Kamal Haasan pointed out the unusual game tactic played by Abhinay and Varun to disturb Niroop and make him lose in the captaincy task.

However, Niroop was safe from the 2nd week eviction process revealed on Sunday, 17th October 2021, by the host Kamal Haasan.

3rd Week

Niroop Nandakumar has successfully entered in the 3rd week and even was safe from this week’s elimination process. Niroop was seen discussing strategies with Priyanka and Abhishek.

In the 3rd week, there was a ‘Pancha Thanthiram’ task, in which Bigg Boss house was transformed into a museum. There were five powerful coins hidden in the Bigg Boss house at five different locations. If one of the housemates found one of the coins secretly and showed it to the camera, then he/she owned it. If one of the nominated contestants found the coin then he/she was able to earn immunity, or use it to save others as well. While picking the coins, if other contestants noticed it, then the contestant who picked the coin had to go to the jail and will be released only after Bigg Boss further instructions and the coin had to be kept at the same place where it was originally found.

During this task, Niroop tried to steal the coins hidden by Pavani, while Abhinay caught Niroop red-handed. Bigg Boss ordered Niroop to keep the coins at the same place and instructed captain Ciby to lock him in the jail. Niroop became the first housemate to be locked in the jail in this season.

Being in the jail, Niroop took the coin from Abhishek, who grabbed it from Isaivani and others. Meanwhile, Varun noticed Niroop handling the coin and created a fuss about it. Later, followed by the Bigg Boss instruction, Niroop was released from the jail. After that Niroop tried to use tricks on Pavani and Thamarai Selvi and took their coins, although they got it back. Niroop, along with Priyanka and Abhishek got involved in a fight against Akshara over the violation of rule by her.

Later, actors Priya Bhavani Shankar and Harish Kalyan of Bigg Boss Tamil fame appeared on a video call. They gave a fun task of preparing omelette. Akshara and Niroop came forward and did the task with lots of enjoyment.

Niroop Nandakumar along with Thamarai Selvi, Pavani Reddy, Varun and Isaivani was appreciated for picking the coins and became the owners of different parts of the house as per the ‘Pancha Thathiram’ task.

Later, Priyanka and Abhishek had a long argument with Niroop over him taking Priyanka’s coin and claiming its ownership.

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