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Imman Annachi’s Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Journey Updates

Imman Annachi (born 7th December 1968) is the contestant of the Bigg Boss Tamil of season 5.

He is Indian film actor, television representer and comedian who mainly appeared in the Tamil Entertainment Industry. Imman Annachi is also a politician. His real name is Immanuel and belongs to Christianity. He is from Thoothukudi District, Tamil Nadu, India.

He has worked in small roles in many films, some of which include Neerparavai (2012), Maryan (2013), Goli Soda (2014), Madras (2014), Kayal (2014), Jilla (2014), Poojai (2014), Kakki Sattai (2015) and Puli (2015).

Also, in recent movies like Kamali From Nadukkaveri (2021), Chasing (2021), etc.

He has also worked in Tamil Television shows as a host, some of which include Kutti Chutties (2014-2017), Senior Chutties (2019), Gallapetti (2019), etc. He has also done some roles in TV serials too.

As we know, The Bigg Boss Tamil 5 is being hosted by actor-politician, Kamal Haasan, who emerged as a successful host since last 4 years for the show.

Let’s summarize Imman Annachi’s Bigg Boss Journey till date

1st Week

Imman Annachi entered the Bigg Boss house on the grand premier day, 3rd October 2021. In the first week, Imman was seen translating and explaining the meaning of few Tamil words, for other housemates who couldn’t understand it. During the Oru Kadhai Sollattuma task, each and every contestant had to share their life journey to which other contestants had to response to their story through emojis such as like, dislike, heart. Imman Annachi also narrated his story as the part of the task. He spoke about his native, family and the passion to be an actor. He shared about his struggling days. He said there was a time in his life when he had to starve. Over the time period of 18 years, he sold vegetables, but didn’t give up on his desire of acting in movies. Finally, Imman Annachi’s dream became true, he made his entry as a TV host. He said about how he earned love by hosting shows for children. Imman shared his wish to become the first comedian to win the Bigg Boss Tamil title.

During a week, Imman was also seen learning English from Iykki Berry, to which on weekend episode, Saturday, 9th October 2021, host Kamal responded with fun and told him to not forget his native language, in his interest to learn English.

Imman Annachi along with all the housemates were nominated for the 1st week elimination. But the good thing was that there was no eviction process for the first week. But for the second week elimination process, Imman was also nominated along with the other housemates.

2nd Week

Imman Annachi was nominated for the 2nd week elimination process along with the other housemates. In the 2nd week, Imman Annachi was seen in a discussion with Iykki Berry about the strategies of the other housemates. He also appeared with Raju Jeyamohan, teaching Mathumitha the meaning of a popular Tamil song, which she learned the complete meaning and context from them.

However, Imman Annachi was safe from the 2nd week eviction process revealed on Sunday, 17th October 2021, by the host Kamal Haasan.

3rd Week

Imman Annachi has successfully entered in the 3rd week, but got nominated for this week’s elimination process.

Bigg Boss announced the name of Isaivani, Raju Jeyamohana, Pavani and Ciby for the participation in the captaincy task since they were present in the activity area on time during the Oru Kadhai Sollattuma task. Imman Annachi was also the part of the captaincy task since he was selected as the most entertaining contestant, during a task in the last week.

According to the captaincy task, each contender had to stand on the platform and were told to avoid reacting to the co-contestants, who were putting on skits and jokes, so that the participating contenders of the captaincy task can be disturbed. Later, Bigg Boss announced, the housemates can garland their favorite contender. The contender who stood longest without changing their reaction with having maximum garlands wins the task and will be the captain of the house.

Imman lost the captaincy task and Ciby became the new captain of the Bigg Boss house for the 3rd week. During the ‘Pancha Thanthiram’ task, Abhishek, Priyanka and the others were trying to save Thamarai Selvi. When Imman Annachi asked why everyone is trying to save Thamarai but not Chinnaponnu, Priyanka revealed, she wants Chinnaponnu to get eliminated.

Later, Imman along with Raju and others revealed to her the hidden agenda behind saving her. They said that, Abhishek and Priyanka want Chinnaponnu to get eliminated. Further in the task, Niroop took the coins from Pavani as well as from Thamarai by using tricks, however, later they got back their coins, over which Imman advised her to be careful and alert during the game.

Abhishek was also seen confessing that he remained close to Priyanka to gain more attention and he fought Imman Anncahi for the same reason. imman said that it was a very cheap tactic.

On the weekend episode Kamal discussed Imman’s decision of highlighting errors of the cooking team.

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