BJP leader Ram Kadam made a big disclosure in Raj Kundra pornography case, made this allegation

The troubles of Raj Kundra, who was arrested in the pornography case, are increasing continuously. On the other hand, politics has also intensified regarding this issue. Now BJP MLA Ram Kadam has made many revelations in the pornography case.


Describing fraud in online games today, Ram Kadam said, “Our constitution does not give right to cheat anyone. 30 lakh was taken from someone, 15-20 lakh was taken from someone. People were misled and money was looted from them by talking about the distribution  of the game  . When all the people took distributorship, some people ran it for a few days. Some people immediately came to know that this was an act of cheating. Who gave Raj Kundra the right to cheat the poor like this?


He further said that those who went to ask for money were beaten up and silenced by complaining against them at the police station. The Mumbai Police, which comes under the Maharashtra government, did not help the youth in their search for justice. The question is why the police did not act properly, who are these unknown forces who are putting pressure on Mumbai Police?


BJP MLA Ram Kadam said that on 14 April 2021, an actress from Mumbai files a complaint at Juhu Police Station in Mumbai, she is a big film actress of Hindi film world, the actress had accused herself of physical abuse against Raj Kundra. The actress made a written complaint, but under the pressure of Raj Kundra, the police did not take any action against Raj Kundra.


He has sought answers from the Maharashtra government and said that who is pressurizing him not to take action? Which power-sectors are cultivating crooks like Raj Kundra.

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